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My Return to Blogging

Posted on May 05, 2015 | 0 comments

Ciao!  It's been a looooong time since my last blog post.  Last year my husband and I began a new exciting chapter in our lives and expanded our family with a baby girl.  With this new adventure priorities changed and I have scaled back the shop and redirected my focus to living a more laid back, Mediterranean lifestyle.  A life where I can focus my time on family and friends while celebrating life's occasions with good food and enjoy an appreciate for elegant yet rustic beauty, just like my experiences in the Mediterranean. 

I do plan on continuing the blog but I will no longer maintain my past schedule of posting twice a week.  I plan on posting only when I have something special to share like a new recipe I really love, fun party ideas or an exciting Mediterranean vacation.  I have revised the website so it will be easier to find previous posts by subject. Scroll to the top of the page to search by "recipes", "drinks", "lifestyle", "travel", "parties" and"diy".

I am continuing to sell my personalized stationary on etsy, click here to view shop now, and continue to share my favorite Mediterranean inspired food & gifts. Check out the "recommended products" links on the right side of the page.

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Highlights of the Mediterranean: Marrakech, Morocco

Posted on November 19, 2013 | 0 comments

I am excited to post my second "Highlights of the Mediterranean" recurring feature, where I share fellow bloggers highlights while traveling.   This month we are going to Marrakech, Morocco with the lovely Yvonne King!   She was born and raised a California girl but made the move to Portland, Oregon to start a new home with her family.  In her pre-motherhood days, she was a buyer for Metropark and Forever, 21.  For her husband's 30th birthday they went to Ibiza & Barcelona and have been traveling ever since to locations like Japan, Panama, Morocco and Paris.  She blogs about home renovations, fashion and all the fun things that fall in between, check out her fun blog at Dress This Nest.  

From Yvonne...The highlight of our trip was the FOOD.  We are a pretty big food family, my husband and I both cook and geek out on new restaurants in our food haven town of Portland.  We even named our son after my husband's favorite chef!  But the food in Morocco certainly changed our lives (and blew our minds).  We picked up a Moroccan cookbook as soon as we got home and we've been cooking Moroccan-style food ever since. 


Dining is also fairly inexpensive in comparison to eating in the States, so we were able to eat at fairly high-end restaurants every night of our trip without breaking the bank.  We also took a cooking class our first day there, which included a tour of the local market and I HIGHLY recommend it.  I have heard stories of tourist being taken advantage of or pressured into purchases in Marrakech (just like Sex and the City 2) so having a guide take us through the market the first time allowed us to find some trust-worthy vendors as well as to feel confident in the market for future visits (we returned to the market several times on our trip).



When in Marrakech...


Dar Charkia

We stayed at this place first, which is very close into town and is run by a lovely British couple.  The service here was EXCELLENT.  The wife is very connected in town and if you tell her what you are looking for, she will send you to the best vendors in town.  I think she used to be an interior designer or something in the design industry, because the place is beautiful and she has fantastic connections with the rug/decor people in town.  They also booked all our dinner reservations and gave us advice on what to do ahead of time (with my husband via e-mail).  One night it was raining and we were totally pooped and just wanted to stay in, but didn't have any dinner.  We asked the guy at the front desk if there was anywhere close-by and he ran out in the rain and picked us up some dinner!  I have never had better service in my life!

Dar Sabra

Our second hotel was definitely off the beaten path.  We got a great deal on our room through Gilt Groupe's travel site Jetsetter.   The hotel was formerly a mansion, that the owner turned into a hotel.  The grounds are covered with an amazing sculpture and art collection.  The staff is incredibly professional.  Breakfast is included with the room, but we also dined at the hotel for lunch and dinner.  The food is very authentic Moroccan and was some of the best we had on  our trip.  The wait staff in the dining room were impeccably trained, I felt like I was eating dinner at the White House.




I would recommend all these places and ranked them in order, with my favorites first.


Azar is a Lebanese restaurant (that also has belly dancers) but is definitely more modern in the design and plating.  It feels like you are in a fancy restaurant in Los Angeles and there is actually an elevator (that happens to be wall-covered in silk flowers) that goes down into a nightclub.  This place was VERY hip, but what I remember most was the food being fantastic, ESPECIALLY the dessert.

Les Jardins de Bala

Another high-end restaurant we went to was Les Jardins de Bala.  This is an Indian restaurant.  I LOVE Indian food and being from the Bay Area, I have had my share of delicious authentic Indian.  Les Jardins de Bala did not disappoint and I have never been to an Indian restaurant that was so fancy.  The cocktails were delicious and the service was excellent.

Al Fassia

I feel like this place is a must-visit if you are going to Morocco.  We went for lunch.  It is on the "new" side of town and is run by ALL women (this is a big deal for the culture there).  It is VERY traditional (and flawless) Moroccan food.  We had a sampler plate of about a dozen salads (Moroccan salads don't have lettuce, they are more like veggie side dishes) and each one was delicious in it's own way.  They also have fantastic Moroccan mint tea and a very traditional setting.

Lotus Priviledge

This was the first restaurant we went to and it is very authentic Moroccan.  It is a little tough to find, but our hotel (Dar Charkia) arranged for someone from the restaurant to meet us at our hotel, then we walked there with the guide.  So cool, for our first night in own!  The food was on the high-end side and the meal was complete with live belly dancers.  The interiors are also very lush and there is a view of the fountain on the patio.  We had a great time.

Kasbah Angor

This place is actually a road (hotel) in the Atlas Mountains.  I'm not sure how my husband found out about this place, but it was a WONDERFUL place to have lunch during out Atlas Mountains Tour.  Our driver dropped us off her after our hike.  It has beautiful views of the mountains and we were the only ones there when we went.  The staff made us a lovely traditional lunch and after we ate, we walked gorgeous the grounds. 


Souk Cuisine

As I mentioned earlier, my favorite thing that we did was this cooking class.  It started with a tour of the market, where we shopped for all our ingredients (including getting a fresh chicken... and by fresh I mean, they slaughtered it, feathered it and handed it to us).  Then we took all of our groceries back to a traditional kitchen were we paired up and cooked different dishes together.  Finally, we all sat down together and had a lovely lunch with some new friends.  



Jardin de Majorelle

This garden was Yves Saint Laurent's and has since been turned into a museum for the public.  Being a fan of fashion, this was a must-see for me, but there are plenty of reasons to visit it just for it's beauty.  This is also a great place to take kids and there is a wonderful little cafe there, perfect for grabbing a casual lunch.


Atlas Mountains Tour 

We took one excursion trip up into the Atlas mountains and I am so glad we did.  My husband booked a driver/guide to drive us out there.  This is where the Berber people live and it really is like taking a step into time.  We got to see an actually water-powered stone grinding mill and go into a home of a Berber family to see how they live.  Then our guide dropped us off for a quick hike and then we went to lunch at Kasbah Angor (see above).  If we went back, I would love to stay out in the Atlas Mountains for a few days and I would probably book a room at Kasbah Angor.


Villa Savinio

If there is one thing I will say about Moroccan people, they know a thing or two about R&R.  We all are familiar now with the beauty benefits of Moroccan oil (or Argan oil), but they REALLY know how to do spa right.  We went to Villa Savinio for a spa treatment.  We each received a salt scrub with a mud treatment and thoroughly enjoyed our experience.  It was relaxing and a beautiful day and I would love to go back.

Mustapha Blaoui

This place will blow your mind, if you are looking for Moroccan home decor.  I would say this is a must-visit even if you don't plan on buying anything to take home, just because it is so incredible.  It is huge and room after room will impress you with some of the most beautiful things you have ever seen.  This store is pretty famous and if you google the name, you will see tons of photos of it.  The owner of Dar Charkia sent us here as well and it is fairly well known as being used by major magazines when doing Moroccan themed interior design sets. 


Aux Merveilles de Marrakech

I didn't plan on buying a rug while in Morocco, but I fell in love with the Moroccan wedding blankets in our hotel at Dar Charkia and didn't want to leave without one.  Seeing that we were on our honeymoon, it seemed like a fitting souvenir.  We bought ours from Aux Merveilles de Marrakech and I would recommend it to any of my friends.  The service was fantastic and I didn't feel pressured at all.  He is a friend of the hotel owner at Dar Charkia, so we let him know she sent us.  Even if you don't stay at Dar Charkia, I would tell him they sent you so that you also get the star treatment! 


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Winter in Venice, Italy

Posted on November 14, 2013 | 0 comments

Crowded with tourist, oppressive heat and long lines is unfortunately how many tourist experience Venice.  The popularity of Venice prohibits many tourists from experiencing the true beauty of "The Floating City".  My husband and I were fortunate enough to visit Venice in December immediately after it had flooded.  While the Holiday season during December can often be a very crowded time to be in Venice the flood had driven many of them away and it felt like we had the entire city to ourselves. Walking around the the maze of canals with the winter fog floating under the bridges was like being on the set of Phantom of the Opera.  Visiting Piazza San Marco without a crowd was almost magical.

To avoid the busy tourist season and plan your own magical visit to Venice try visiting during the winter.  It can be cold but hotels will be cheaper and you will have the city to yourself to experience without the crushing crowds.  Unless the two weeks of masked and costumed revelry during Carnival is something you want to experience, schedule your trip around it.  Carnival is usually towards the end of February and the beginning of March.


Caffe Florian




Ponte di Rialto


When in Venice,

DRINK: Coffee or Hot Chocolate at Caffe Florian a historical coffee house established in 1720.  If you visit in the winter it will be a welcomed break from the cold.  The exorbitant price you pay for coffee will be worth it to enjoy the decadent interior and fabulous service.

DRINK:  Yes, I couldn't list just one.  Harry's Bar opened in 1931 has long been frequented by famous people such as Hemingway.  It is famous for it's dry martini but is also credited for being the bar where the Bellini was invinted.

VISIT: Palazzo Ducale the Doge's Palace built in Venetian Gothic style and is a symbol of Venice.   It as the doges' official residence and also the seat of the Republic's government, bureaucracy and main prisons.  Plan ahead to take the "secret tour" to take an interesting look at little-known nooks in the palace such as the prison cells where Giacomo Casanova escaped.

DO: Get Lost! Give yourself time to just walk around and get off the main routes. 



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Harvest Cocktail

Posted on November 12, 2013 | 0 comments

The Harvest Cocktail is basically a glorified cranberry-vodka, but for the holidays I like to stick with the classics. In my opinion, not only can you consider this cocktail good for you, but the deep red color and floating cranberries will add a festive color to your holiday table.  I suggest using a pre-sweetened cranberry juice like Ocean Spray, otherwise if you like a more sower taste just use 100% cranberry juice. Mix it with a good vodka like Gray Goose or Ketel One, and shake or stir with ice. Use fresh cranberries for garnish and enjoy.



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DIY: Thanksgiving Feather Place Card

Posted on November 07, 2013 | 0 comments

I absolutely adore these feather place cards.  They are an easy way to add a little rustic elegance to your thanksgiving table.  You can buy the turkey place cards from my Etsy shop here and simply follow the below images to create your own festive feather place cards.




1. Assortment of feathers

2. Paper whole punch

3. Tape

4. Turkey place cards




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