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6 personalized tiffany blue chevron wine charms

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Wine charms created with happiness, humor, and fun!  The Convertible Girl Shop draws inspiration from both modern and classic design, pop culture and vintage imagery to create these unique wine charms.

Personalized wine glass charms embellished with a tiffany blue & white chevron design.  Perfect party favors for a birthday bash, anniversary celebration, shower or place cards.  Personalized drink tags add a special touch to any event!

Enter the names or words you would like on each charm separated by a "," in Line 1:" or e-mail the names or words along with your order number to info@mediterraneogifts.com.

These Charms are sold in sets of 6.  (An order of 1 equals 6 charms, an order of 2 equals 12 charms...)

Usually available to ship within 2 -5 business days.

Shipped in a pretty drawstring bag.

Sorry ~ this item is currently not available for gift wrap.  May ship separately.

Please note this item will no longer be available to ship before Christmas.

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